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karljam.blogspot.com - CY
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un-tit-ld.blogspot.com - tINg Yeo
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  • Project Blog God 3.0

"Due to the lack of enthusiasm and unwillingness to review the long list of blogs in the Review Blog by most of the reviewers, this site will no longer be functioning. We apologize for the inconvenience but having said that, all the blogs that have been listed here will be absorbed into Project Blog God 3.0 which will be powered by the xniquet-wiki. Even though it will take some time to fucking clear this list but it will be done in the nearest future and you will be duly notify via email when your blog review is done, at the mean time, please remove the blog god badge because the this site is dead."

the blog: utopiastaging.blogspot.com
the reviewer: xniquet
[read the review:Another day in Utopia]

the blog:starinacircle.blogspot.com
the reviewer: evie
[read the review:I present you , STICKS]

the blog: evolna.blogspot.com
the reviewer: xniquet
[read the review:the class skipping guru]

the blog: simonseow.blogspot.com
the reviewer: evie
[read the review:simon says what ???]

the blog: slowcatchupkuan.blogspot.com
the reviewer: xniquet
[read the review: catching up with slowcatchupkuan]

the blog: m3yipi.blogspot.com
the reviewer: miss rojak
[read the review: i have bad memory :(]

the blog: kevintantm.blogspot.com
the reviewer: chingy
[read the review: have you seen a twisted mind before?]

the blog: blueapple880404.blogspot.com
the reviewer: evie
[read the review: blue apple : renovatio]

the blog: screwgyn.blogspot.com
the reviewer: calv
[read the review: review of the choronicles]

the blog: royalshortness.blogspot.com
the reviewer: miss rojak
[read the review: being short doesn't make you royalty]

the blog: tinkitalks.blogspot.com
the reviewer: 3point8
[read the review: tinki talks by pamsong]

the blog: cruxevz.blogspot.com
the reviewer: xniquet
[read the review: the inaugural review post]

the blog: xniquetx.blogspot.com
the reviewer: miss rojak, calv, chingy, 3point8, the bimbo
[read the review: this is not an official review wtf]

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